Welcome! Class Daily Work

March 30 - April 3: Theme 4 Week 3
April 6 - 10 : Theme 4 Week 4
I hope that all of you are well and staying home.  I miss my kiddos so much... please give a great big hug to your child for me!
I have put in some books and a song for the kids to listen to.  I also included worksheets that you may pick  from and work on. 
The link is from our Big Day Curriculum. So, use it to help teach your child and look up the books on youtube. 
Be safe & stay well!
Mrs. Daniels
Theme 7 week 1 is Letter T you will find it right below this along with our curriculum pages. You can find different activities and ways to teach your child for this unit. Make sure you watch the videos that I have included.  I really think you will enjoy them.
I hope you had a wonderful Easter! 
Keep working on the math journals from last week (MathJournalsforAPRIL.pdf) from above under Theme 4.
You will also need to keep writing your name and counting daily as high as you can go!
I miss having you all in the classroom so much! Hugs to all of you!