About The School  

JCECC School Profile Demographics

           Jackson County Early Childhood Center is  an accredited public school located in Jackson County, Florida.  The school is comprised of Early Head Start, Head Start, Head Start ESE and VPK students.  The population usually consists of approximately 180 students.

             There are 8 Early Head Start Child Caregivers, 12 paraprofessionals, 3 custodians, 1 Guidance, 1 Secretary/Data Entry and 1 Administrator that oversees the needs of the students.  Speech, Therapy, Cafeteria workers, and Bus Drivers are all shared with other schools.

· We Believe: that each child deserves the opportunity to live and to develop to the fullest potential.

· We Believe: that acceptance of and respect for all stakeholders are essential for our mutual growth.

· We Believe: that in commitment to provision of the highest quality in family-focused services.

· We Believe: that by utilization of all available resources, and by uniting our best efforts, we will achieve the common goals that we share with other child advocates.

· We Believe: that by being loyal to our beliefs, even in the face of adversity, we will ensure that trust exists at all levels.

The Mission of our Program is ...... "To maximize use of all resources in order to enhance school readiness for your children by providing services that are comprehensive, integrated and family focused."

Our School Slogan is " Creative Learning With a Purpose"

All employees try to adhere to these guidelines.

Our Students are provided with the latest materials and technological devices to enrich their learning experiences.  There are also many different activities and "learning through play" prompts  student growth and achievement.

In addition our program promotes the active involvement of each parent and family.

Joint meetings are held several times a year.  Parents have an opportunity to be a part of the Parent Organization and if elected be on the School Advisory Team and/or the Policy  Council.  Family  Literacy activities greatly enhance the parent, child, and school connection.  There is also an active Volunteer Program.

JCECC is a progressive and wonderful school.  Those who work here and attend here are happy individuals.


Big Day Family Space

Family Space is a place just for families. Parents and caregivers can log in to Family Space from any computer with an internet connection and view the site in English or Spanish. From the Home Page, you can learn about what your child is learning in the classroom. Families can also anticipate developmental milestones with the help of the Kindergarten Readiness Indicators and explore the links to downloadable books and resources to support their child’s growth.




Begin by logging into (http://bigday.scholastic.com) and enter the username and password your teacher provided.